Feb 6, 2023


Maven News

2022 Maven Impact Report

3 min read

Feb 6, 2023


Maven News

2022 Maven Impact Report

3 min read

Feb 6, 2023


Maven News

2022 Maven Impact Report

3 min read

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2022 Maven Impact Report

At Maven Analytics, we strive to change lives by empowering everyday people with the skills, knowledge, and tools they need to launch their dream careers in data.

With 2023 just getting started, we thought now was a good time to reflect back on the previous year and celebrate the wins with you!

Our team was inspired by your accomplishments to showcase them in an annual Impact Report.

Here are some of the highlights:

Maven Analytics Courses launched in 2022

Expanded Catalog

In 2022, we added 7 new courses to our catalog:

With the addition of three Python courses to the catalog, we were also able to launch our Python Specialist guided learning path in October!

Courses completed in 2022Lessons Completed in 2022

Crushed Goals

Students made incredible progress towards their personal learning goals last year. In 2022 alone, our students completed 1.2M lessons on our platform!

By completing those lessons, our students also completed 8.8k courses and 260 Specialist learning paths. Way to go!

Perfect 100 assessment scores 2022

Measurable Student Growth

Each Maven course begins with a benchmark assessment and concludes with a final skills assessment that allows students to view how their skills have improved from completing the lessons in the course.

Passing the final assessments is common; a score of 75% is considered proficient to put the skill to use in a professional environment. However, top scores are rare – only 1% of final assessments earned a perfect score! – and highlight Maven’s top students:

Perfect 100 List

  • Sylvia Gorissen

  • Maria Shubina

  • Keith Tansley

  • Yvonne Van de Poel

  • Ali Saeed

  • Vasim Pathan

  • Hayden Carr

  • Norman Frankel

  • Stefan Kløvning

  • Bartho PAMEN

  • Elizabeth Cormier

  • Josh Cates

  • Tony Waller

  • Greg Berberich

  • Radu Tecuceanu

  • Scott Futrelle

  • Shrutika Hajare

  • Oluwatobi Ojo

  • Heath Forbes

  • Dattatreya Tyagi

  • Richard Harrison

  • Linda Bassett

  • Rachit Chikara

  • Anusha Vempati

  • Sanne Zwetsloot

  • Darcy MA

  • Rachel Franca

  • Himanshu Pandey

  • Tyler Will

  • Lauren Rosenthal

  • Tyrell Roberts

  • Niiicha nipacha

  • Ankit rana

Learning streaks 2022

Student Commitment

In 2022, Maven students exhibited a clear dedication to learning. More than 1200 learning streak badges were awarded, including our first ever 365-Day badge!

We would like to recognize those students who hit some major learning milestones:

365-Day Club

  • Marjolein Opsteegh

180-Day Club

  • Ewa Devaney

  • Marjolein Opsteegh

  • David Johnston

  • Ashlee Robbins

  • Aleksei Lapanovich

  • Lilyana Mladenova

  • Marco Michelini

  • Lisa Brown

90-Day Club

  • Vivek N

  • Loris Longhin

  • David Johnston

  • Bret Whitmire

  • Marco Michelini

  • Idris Alugo

  • Ashlee Robbins



  • Henry Eze

  • Andres Huespe

  • Aleksei Lapanovich

  • Lisa Brown

  • Lilyana Mladenova

  • Kyle Easter

  • Gulnar Oğuz

  • Sean Ryan

  • Ikuko Uetani

  • Domingo Fernández Gómez

  • Philip Hanrahan

  • Slawomir Smogur

  • Vhan Allan Chacon

  • Abhinaya Chandramohan

  • Jared Thacker

Wrapping Up

We are motivated and humbled everyday by the awesome community that we have built. Thank you to all of our incredible students!

If you’d like to download and read the full 2022 Maven Impact Report, you can find it here.

2022 was a pretty incredible year for Maven. We can’t wait to see what this next year brings!

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