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Maven's 2022 Course Roadmap

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By John Pauler
Mar 16, 2022

Hey everybody!

A lot of folks have been asking what our course roadmap looks like, so we figured we should lay it all out there for you.

I went straight to the source on this one, to our Founder Chris Dutton, and asked him to answer some questions about what's next for Maven.

Here's a transcript of our interview...

Q: People want to know, what courses will Maven release in 2022?

Ah, a very popular question :). While I can't give everything away, I'll share some insight into how our course roadmap is shaping up for the year.

We got off to a hot start in 2022 with the release of the 4th (and final) course in our Machine Learning Foundations series, covering the fundamentals of data profiling, classification, regression, and unsupervised learning.

We also just released Launching Your Data Career, which we consider one of the most impactful courses we've ever built. This one is a collaboration with some of Maven's top instructors, and offers a step-by-step guide to landing your analytics dream job (including tips and frameworks for resume writing, portfolio building, networking, and acing the interview). We're so excited about this course that we're making it the final stop in our flagship BI Analyst path.

Looking ahead, we have a few other fun ones already in progress, including Advanced Power Query & M, Tableau Server, and Stats for Excel Users. Beyond that, we're targeting Power Apps/Power Automate, SQL debugging & optimization, and some really unique cross-platform simulations and industry-specific case studies (more on that soon!).

Oh, and there's ONE other thing in the works for 2022. We've been in stealth mode up to this point, but let's just say it involves an entire new line of courses focusing on the #1 requested topic from our students...

Q: New line of courses? Exciting! Can you tell us more?

Ok ok, guess it's time to let the cat out of the bag?

We're in the process of developing an entire stack of courses focusing on Python for Data Analysis. We hope to get the first 3 or 4 of these courses live in 2022, including base Python, data manipulation with Pandas, visualization with Matplotlib and Seaborn, and more.

That's all I can tell you for now!

Q: Very cool! Why did you pick Python as the next expansion area?

Python has been on our radar for quite a while now, and it's a perfect compliment to our current tool stack (Excel, SQL, Power BI and Tableau).

It's one of the most popular and accessible programming languages out there, and has quickly become the #1 tool of choice for many data professionals due to it's flexibility and versatility (not to mention the fact that it's open-source and completely free!).

While Python has traditionally been known for things like software development, web scraping and Machine Learning, it's beginning to play a much larger role in the traditional analytics and BI workflow. We're also seeing it appear much more frequently on Data Analyst and Business intelligence job listings as one of the most in-demand skills that employers are looking for.

Last but not least, Python has been the #1 requested topic by our students for a few years now, so we expect this series to be a crowd-pleaser.

Q: Fantastic. One question though - if this has been the most requested course for years, why is this series just coming out now?

Simply put, finding the right instructor is hard.

Unlike most online learning platforms, we build all of our content from scratch and hold ourselves to extremely high standards. We refuse to compromise on quality, even if that means taking our time to find the perfect fit.

A great instructor is a truly rare breed; it's a role that requires a unique combination of deep technical proficiency, exceptional communication skills, extreme attention to detail, and a genuine passion for teaching. We've interviewed and tested several potential instructors over the past 2-3 years, but no one has met the standards – until now.

We're lucky to have found an absolutely fantastic Python instructor to join the Maven team full-time, and can't wait to introduce him to our students.

Q: Can you tell us who the new instructor is?

Not yet :)

But stay tuned and make sure you're following Maven Analytics and our instructor team on LinkedIn. We'll be sharing more details soon!

Q: Love the intrigue. When can students expect the first course to go live?

We've been planning and developing this content for the past few months, so we're actually recording the first course now (Python Foundations).

We expect to release the first course within the next month, so keep an eye out for some major launch announcements towards the end of March or early April.

In the meantime, we'll be sharing some teasers and launching some fun challenges leading up to the launch – stay tuned!

Wrapping up

If you made it this far, hope you enjoyed reading this and that Chris has you fired up for another great year of building your skills :)

I for one, am extremely excited about the courses we've got coming up, and in particular, am looking forward to brushing up on my Python skills.

Happy learning!


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John Pauler

John brings over 15 years of business intelligence experience to the Maven team, having worked with companies ranging from Fortune 500 to early stage startups. As a MySQL expert, he has played leadership roles across analytics, marketing, SaaS and product teams.

John brings over 15 years of business intelligence experience to the Maven team, having worked with companies ranging from Fortune 500 to early stage startups. As a MySQL expert, he has played leadership roles across analytics, marketing, SaaS and product teams.

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