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Supply Chain Report

Supply Chain Report

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AtliQ Mart is a growing FMCG manufacturer headquartered in Gujarat, India.

It is currently operational in three cities Surat, Ahmedabad and Vadodra and the business would like to expand to other metro/tier 1 cities in the next 2 years.

AtliQ Mart is currently facing a problem where a few key customers did not extend the annual contract due to service issues.

Speculations are that some of the essential products were either not delivered on time or not delivered in full over a continued period, which could have resulted in a bad customer service.

Management wants to fix this issue before expanding to other cities and requested their supply chain analytics team to track the ’On time’ and ‘In Full’ delivery service level for all the customers on a daily basis so that they can respond swiftly to these issues.

The Supply Chain team decided to use a standard approach to measure the service level in which they will measure the following KPIs:

  1. On-Time delivery (OT) %,

  2. In-Full delivery (IF) % and

  3. On-Time-in-Full delivery (OTIF) %

of the customer orders on a daily basis against the target service level set for each customer.


Play the role of a data analyst in the supply chain team who joined AtliQ Mart recently.

Create a report according to the requirements provided by the stakeholders in the business review meeting.

The transcript of the business review meeting is provided.

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