HR Dashboard: People Analytics

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HR Dashboard: People Analytics

HR Dashboard: People Analytics

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FP20 Analytics Challenges is well known in the data community to run data challenges supporting over thousands of participants to practice reporting development. Here, Inforiver has collaborated with FP20 Analytics to present an HR data challenge.

Inforiver drives business productivity and business performance with faster time to insights inside Power BI through an intuitive no-code experience.


The provided dataset had several data quality issues, and I have documented my findings and the data transformations I carried out for the analysis over here. Check out the link given below.

👉 Tackling Data Quality Issues by Jassim MK


  • 3 out of every 4 employees who left are from the Production department.

  • 87% of the leavers either exceeded or fully met their performance goals. Thus, the business has lost a lot of talent.

  • 50% of departed employees did so within their first year of employment. This increases hiring costs and impacts productivity.

  • 7 out of every 10 leavers are Technicians.

  • The hiring of women has grown over time. In 2019, women made up 61% of new hires.

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