Power BI (Guided Project): Adventure Works (November 2022)

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Power BI (Guided Project): Adventure Works (November 2022)

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Create an exploratory dashboard using Power BI for executives at Adventure Works to explore in gain insights that drive the business forward.


Power BI visuals are next level. The map functionality plus the new AI visuals make Power BI a stand-out player. Also, as it is in the Microsoft Ecosystem, the excel feel carries over.

I am also getting more confident in dashboard creation. In the past, I followed Chris Dutton or Enrique Ruiz to the pixel during courses. This time I did not! I changed the layout while thinking about reading patterns and what I thought the most important metrics were.

I increased my confidence in writing DAX and m-code. I am proud of my problem solving skills and tenacity when I come across a tricky formula.

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