Excel: Maven's Pizza Challenge (October 2022)

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Excel: Maven's Pizza Challenge (October 2022)

About this project

Project Brief

Plato's Pizza has been collecting transactional data for the past year, but really haven't been able to put it to good use. Objective is to analyze the data and put together a report to help Plato's Pizza find opportunities to drive more sales and work more efficiently.

Questions to Consider

  • What days and times do we tend to be busiest?
  • How many pizzas are we making during peak periods?
  • What are our best and worst selling pizzas?
  • What's our average order value?
  • How well are we utilizing our seating capacity? (we have 15 tables and 60 seats)

#Insights and Recommendations

1. Majority of pizzas are sold between the hours of 11AM to 11PM.1. Save over $7,000 in operations costs by changing hours of operation to 11AM to 11PM each day.
2. Brie Carre is the worst selling pizza. Plus the unique ingredients are loosing Plato's Pizza money.2. Remove Brie Carre from menu and replace with XL option for BBQ Chicken, Thai Chicken, or Cali Chicken. Decreasing cost of ingredients and increasing profit margin.

Maven Challenges

This was my first submission into any data challenge.

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