Excel: NYC Collisions (November 2022)

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Excel: NYC Collisions (November 2022)

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The New York City Police Department has organized a Public Safety Initiative to analyze traffic accident data. The Public Safety Imitative is tasked with analyzing the data to find trends, make recommendations that will result in fewer traffic accidents, and present to the NYC Police Chief.

The accident data is from January 1, 2021, to August 31, 2022 covering all major boroughs.

Insights and Recommendations

1. Large portion of data is missing or unknown .
25% of the factors for accidents are either missing or unspecified.
1a. Audit data collecting procedures and create streamlined process for officers to follow. Consider collaborating with IT or data management to add validated fields and dropdowns to survey.

1b. Train officers on new data collecting procedures. During the training educate officers on the importance of collecting data and how correct, detailed data drives decisions.

2. Rate of accidents leading to injury or death is increasing each moth.

2. Fix dangerous road conditions, beginning at streets where injury have resulted due to conditions. Crescent Street, Belt Parkway, Gold Street, Bronx River Parkway

3. Accidents in the Bronx result in death at a disproportional rate
18% of accidents; 25% of deaths
3. Increase patrol on Sherman street during peak accident hours to deter unsafe driving


This project was completed as part of Maven Analytics Bootcamp September 2022 Cohort

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