Power BI: Maven Supplies (December 2022)

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Power BI: Maven Supplies (December 2022)

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Business Case

Maven Supplies is a global shipping company that mainly ships to customers in the US and Puerto Rico.

Shipping data was extracted from the company's Azure database which contains 10 .csv data files, along with a data dictionary. The data spans from January 1, 2015 to February 6, 2018 and covers customer orders from the United States & Puerto Rico

The objective is to create an exploratory dashboard to generate questions and discussions that drive business success.

Insights and Recommendations

1. 100% of First Class Shipments are late, while Standard Class shipments have 43.4% occurring ahead of schedule.1a. Collect data on why shipments are delayed. (Product out of stock? Labor shortage? Employee Moral? Weather? Incorrect customer information?

1b. Create systems and procedures for product packaging by shipment mode and days to target. Ex. If Standard Class order is on day 2 and First Class order arrives, pack and ship First Class order first.
2. During Last month operating, Europe has the highest late delivery rate (60.45%) and USCA has the lowest (45.6%), which was an over 10% improvement from the previous month.2. Complete in depth audit of USCA distribution hub to determine their best practices, then train other hubs using the information gained.
3. Late Shipping Rates decrease 1.07% when more than one distribution hub is open.3. Consider having more than one distribution hub open at any given time. Other information to consider when making this decision are labor and facility costs.
4. Data points that could provide more insights are not being tracked.4. Consider collecting data on the following metrics: Customer Satisfaction, Package Arrival Time, Carrier Data, etc.

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