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HPN Sales Analysis

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Overview: The HPN Sales Dashboard tracks and analyzes the sales performance of HPN's nutritional food products. It provides real-time updates on sales volumes, revenue, and other metrics, enabling informed decision-making and optimization of sales strategies.


  1. Sales Monitoring: Real-time tracking of sales volumes, revenue, and metrics for up-to-date sales performance monitoring.
  2. Sales Analysis: In-depth analysis of product-wise sales, regional distribution, and trends to identify growth opportunities and optimize offerings.
  3. Performance Evaluation: Comparison of sales against targets and performance analysis to improve sales strategies.
  4. Customer Insights: Customer segmentation, purchasing behavior, and satisfaction metrics to tailor sales and marketing efforts.

Key Features:

  1. Real-time Sales Data: Up-to-date information for monitoring sales performance.
  2. Visual Representations: Charts, graphs, and tables for a straightforward interpretation of sales data.
  3. Product Performance Analysis: Insights into individual product sales for identifying top sellers and areas of improvement.
  4. Geographic Analysis: Regional sales data for targeting markets effectively.
  5. Performance Metrics: Key indicators like revenue, units sold, average order value, and conversion rates.
  6. Historical Data and Trends: Historical sales data and trends to identify patterns and seasonal variations

Key Insights:

  1. 100 % egg protein is the most returned product, with a refund rate of 21.7 % against an overall refund rate of 7.8 %.

  2. overall Refund rate is decreasing from last year. i.e., in 2012, from 10.3 % to 6.5 %

  3. overall sales are growing, were picked at the end of January 2013.

  4. 88 % percent of revenue is generated by ‘protein’ products. Although they sell nutrition-based products, ‘clothing’ generates a significant 2.3% of sales.

The HPN Sales Dashboard enhances decision-making, improves sales strategies, and drives overall growth in the sales of nutritional food products.

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