Hotel Revenue Analysis

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Hotel Revenue Analysis

Hotel Revenue dashboard

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One of the leading hotel chains provided an excel sheet of their historical hotel booking data and asked our team the following question:

1. Is our hotel revenue growing year over year?

We have two hotel types, so it would be good to segment revenue by hotel type.

  1. Should we increase the size of our parking lot?

We want to understand if there is a trend towards personal cars.

3. What trends can we see in the data?

Focus on the average daily rate and guests to explore seasonality.

as an analyst of the team, I analyse the data and did the following:

  1. created a database from an Excel file.
  2. developed the SQL query.
  3. connected the Power BI desktop to the database.
  4. created a dashboard to visualize the data.
  5. summarized the key findings.
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