Protato Pizza Sales Analysis (Maven Pizza Challenge)

Protato Pizza Sales Analysis (Maven Pizza Challenge)

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About this project

What is Maven Pizza Challenge :

For the Maven Pizza Challenge, I was playing the role of a BI Consultant hired by Plato's Pizza, a Greek-inspired pizza place in New Jersey. I had been hired to help the restaurant use data to improve operations, and just received the following note:

Welcome aboard, we're glad you're here to help!

Things are going OK here at Plato's, but there's room for improvement. We've been collecting transactional data for the past year, but really haven't been able to put it to good use. Hoping you can analyze the data and put together a report to help us find opportunities to drive more sales and work more efficiently.

Here are some questions that we'd like to be able to answer:

  • What days and times do we tend to be busiest?
  • How many pizzas are we making during peak periods?
  • What are our best and worst selling pizzas?
  • What's our average order value?
  • How well are we utilizing our seating capacity? (we have 15 tables and 60 seats)

That's all I can think of for now, but if you have any other ideas I'd love to hear them – you're the expert!

Thanks in advance,

Mario Maven (Manager, Plato's Pizza)

About the dataset :

  • This dataset contains 4 tables in CSV format
  • The Orders table contains the date & time that all table orders were placed
  • The Order Details table contains the different pizzas served with each order in the Orders table, and their quantities
  • The Pizzas table contains the size and price for each distinct pizza in the Order Details table, as well as its broader pizza type
  • The Pizza Types table contains details on the pizza types in the Pizzas table, including their name as it appears on the menu, the category it falls under, and its list of ingredients.

As per recommendation, I created a one page Power BI dashboard and try to answer the question they asked for their business problem.

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