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"Welcome to the insightful dashboard that empowers stakeholders with data-driven decision-making by presenting key findings and actionable recommendations derived from Cyclistic's data analysis."

1. Monthly trend analysis:

"This dashboard provides a comprehensive monthly trend analysis of Cyclistic's performance, enabling stakeholders to identify patterns, trends, and opportunities for strategic decision-making."

2. Member type analysis:

"Gain valuable insights into Cyclistic's member base through our member type analysis, empowering stakeholders to understand member preferences and make informed decisions regarding marketing, service offerings, and member retention strategies."

3. Rideable type analysis:

"Explore the rideable type analysis in this dashboard to gain a deep understanding of member preferences and usage patterns. This information equips stakeholders with the knowledge to optimize rideable availability, expand offerings, and meet evolving member needs.

4. Daily member behavior:

"With the daily member behavior analysis in this dashboard, stakeholders can identify the busiest days and hours, enabling them to plan targeted campaigns and allocate resources effectively for improved member engagement and satisfaction.

5. Key findings:

"Our dashboard highlights the key findings derived from Cyclistic's data analysis, providing stakeholders with valuable insights into performance trends, member behavior, and opportunities for growth and optimization."


"Based on the key findings, this dashboard offers actionable recommendations that stakeholders can leverage to optimize operations, refine marketing strategies, enhance the member experience, and drive the success of Cyclistic."

Through the effective visualization of data and the provision of key findings and recommendations, this dashboard enables stakeholders to make data-informed decisions that align with Cyclistic's objectives and drive business success.

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