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Objective: The objective of this project is to create a comprehensive dashboard for Northwind Traders that provides an overview of critical sales metrics and insights. The specific goals are as follows:

  1. Gross Sales: Display the total sales revenue generated by Northwind Traders.
  2. Total Discount: Show the overall discount given on sales transactions.
  3. Net Sales: Calculate the net sales by subtracting the total discount from gross sales.
  4. Order Quantity: Present the total number of products ordered.
  5. Unique Order ID: Provide a count of unique order IDs to track the number of distinct orders.
  6. Top 5 Customers by Gross Sales: Identify and display the five customers with the highest gross sales.
  7. Top 5 Products by Gross Sales: Highlight the five products with the highest gross sales.
  8. Revenue by Product Category: Present the revenue generated by each product category.
  9. Scatter Plot: Include a scatter plot to visualize the relationship between two variables, such as order quantity and total sales.
  10. Forecasting: Utilize forecasting techniques to predict future order quantity and total sales, enabling informed decision-making.
  11. Filter by Year: Allow users to filter the data based on a specific year to analyze sales performance within a particular time frame.
  12. Filter by Month: Enable users to filter the data by month, allowing for more granular analysis of sales trends and patterns.
  13. Filter by Category Name: Provide the option to filter the data by product category name, allowing users to focus on specific product categories of interest.

By achieving these objectives, the dashboard will provide Northwind Traders with a clear and concise overview of their sales performance and enable them to identify top-performing customers, products, and product categories.

The scatter plot and forecasting capabilities will further assist in understanding sales trends and making informed predictions for future business planning.

The filtering options based on year, month, and category name will provide users and stakeholders with the flexibility to customize the data analysis based on their specific needs, enhancing the usability and relevance of the dashboard.

Data Exploration Tools

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Python | Google Colab

Data Visualization Tools :

Linkedin Post: Maven Analytics Challenge Post

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