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US UFO Sightings

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This was a fun project for me to work on because I have always been fascinated by the idea of UFOs so when I came across this dataset, I could not resist the urge to analyze.

The Dataset

A table containing 80,000+ records of UFO sightings between 1949 and 2014, including city, state, country, lat/long, shape, duration, date/time, and comments.


The analysis was focused on the United States.

The first step was to understand the dataset and then clean the data. This involved eliminating lots of blank rows and as a result, thousands of records were removed because there was no way of knowing what the missing data was, so it was safer to eliminate them so that the results were not skewed.

The visualization was done using 4 simple visuals to allow for easy exploration by the user accompanied by some interesting notes on each visual.


·The most sighted shape is “light”. “Disks” and “spheres” do not make the top 5.

·The state with the highest recorded sightings is California.

·The years 2000-2014 account for 83% of total sightings.

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