Which Airbnb location ought to be your next stop?

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Which Airbnb location ought to be your next stop?

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About this project

About the dataset

Airbnb data for 250,000+ listings in 10 major cities, including information about hosts, pricing, location, and room type, along with over 5 million historical reviews.

Project Objective

The goal was to tell a story around customer visits and reviews across various cities, and the company growth trend over time.

Recommended Analysis (Questions to Consider)

  1. Are you able to identify any trends or seasonality in the review data?
  2. Which city offers a better value for travel?


I decided to use an exploratory approach to the analysis by first listing a few key summary metrics before delving into other aspects. This was done to allow the customer to get a high-level understanding of what was going on and to allow them to make a vacation decision based on their preferences.


·Rio, Cape Town, and Bangkok have their highest visits in January.

·Paris and Rome have their highest visits between June - July and September - October.

·New York visits are highest between September - October.

·Paris, Rome, and New York account for 59% of all visits.

·Mexico City has the highest overall rating (98.84) while Hong Kong has the lowest (89.71).

·Listings peaked for the company in 2015 at 44,886.

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