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Which restaurant should you invest in?

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About this project


The goal was to analyze the data and provide a recommendation on which restaurant the company would invest in. This was for the Maven Restaurant Challenge.

The Data

Restaurant ratings in Mexico by real consumers from 2012, including additional information about each restaurant and their cuisines, and each consumer and their preferences.


The focus was on which restaurant to recommend as a viable investment option. To do this, I considered all the restaurants and focused on the one with the most visits (consumer traffic). I also considered the most popular cuisine on offer by the various restaurants and consumer preferences. Finally, I looked at the main consumer demographic.

Dashboard design

I opted to make the dashboard as clean and simple as possible. I started with a few key metrics so that we get an overview of what we are dealing with.

I used a heatmap to show the restaurants with the most visits and their ratings. Then I used a decomposition tree to show the main customer demographic.

Key Insights

The restaurant to invest in is Tortas Locas Hipocampo in San Luis Potosi which is a fast-food restaurant with high ratings, medium pricing, and has the most visits/ratings by customers.

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