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Plato's Pizza operations overview

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One year’s worth of transactional data (including the date and time of each order and the pizzas served, with additional details on the type, size, quantity, price, and ingredients) for Plato’s Pizza. The objective of the analysis is to improve operational efficiency and increase revenue.

Business needs.

  1. What days and times do we tend to be busiest?
  2. How many pizzas are we making during peak periods?
  3. What are our best and worst-selling pizzas?
  4. What’s our average order value?
  5. How well are we utilizing our seating capacity? (We have 15 tables and 60 seats)


Data cleaning and normalization using Power Query.

Data Modelling.

Data exploration using measures and various visuals.


To determine seating capacity, some assumptions were made based on the number of orders received in an hour, and an order being equal to an occupied table such that whenever orders exceeded 15 (number of tables) in an hour, we were at capacity.


  • Consider reducing staffing during our less busy times to reduce operational costs.
  • Consider a takeout option for times we are at capacity and a delivery service to increase revenue.
  • Offer promotions on other pizza sizes especially Medium and Small to drive more sales.
  • The Brie Carre pizza should be offered at other sizes other than small to boost revenue.
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