HR Attrition Dashboard

Tools used in this project
HR Attrition Dashboard

HR Attrition Dashboard

About this project

This is a HR Attrition Dashboard which consists of multiple columns related to employee education, work, role details.

The SWITCH ( ) DAX Function - Useful in expressing my X-axis values in 'Attrition Rate by Age' on setting different age group values.

Tools and techniques used :

  1. Connected data with Power BI.
  2. Data Processing.
  3. KPI generations.
  4. Created custom columns and measures in the report.
  5. Created Slicers.
  6. Design and development of Dashboard.
  7. Actionable insights.
  8. Created different charts such as :
  9. Donut chart.
  • Clustered Bar Chart.
  • Card.
  • Clustered Column Chart.
  • Stacked Area Chart.
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