An Analysis of Plato's Pizza Restaurant

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An Analysis of Plato's Pizza Restaurant

About this project

  1. Time period: The data was provided in 2022 by Maven Analytics.

  2. Target Audience: Provides the management of Plato's Pizza Restaurant with recommendations on increasing sales and efficiency.

  3. Data understanding and preparation: The data comprised Plato's Pizza company's orders and pizza details as of 2015. The data was relatively clean, but additional analysis was necessary to calculate additional metrics that would provide insights into the peak selling hours and restaurant sitting capacity.

  4. Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualisation I focused on the following questions posed in the challenge when interrogating the data: a) What days is the restaurant busiest? b) What are the best and worst-selling pizzas? c) What is the average order value? d) How is the seating capacity being utilised? e) Which pizza sizes are the most profitable?

I answer these questions on my dashboard above and provide my recommendations on how profitability and efficiency can be increased

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