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Adventure Works Sales Analysis

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The project began with the extraction of raw data from CSV files, which was subsequently transformed and cleaned to prepare it for analysis. Leveraging a combination of M calculations in Power Query for data transformation and cleaning, and DAX calculations for various measures, the objective was to construct an interactive Power BI dashboard. This comprehensive dashboard allowed for dynamic exploration of key performance indicators, regional insights, customer behavior, and revenue trends. The following key points highlight the essential steps and outcomes of this analytical endeavor:

  1. Data Transformation:

    • Processed raw CSV data using Power BI tools, employing M calculations in Power Query for effective data transformation and cleaning.
  2. Dashboard Creation:

    • Defined the main KPIs
    • Developed an interactive dashboard with visualisations using a relational data model and DAX formulas.
    • Enabled dynamic analysis of regional revenue, customer behaviour, and product trends.
  3. Testing and Validation:

    • Ensured the accuracy of calculations, interactivity between visuals and sufficiency of information delivering a valuable and insightful Power BI dashboard.

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