CRPC9 - Understanding Sales promotion Analysis by-Saddam Ansari

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CRPC9 - Understanding Sales promotion Analysis by-Saddam Ansari

CRPC 9 by Saddam Ansari

About this project

For Detailed explanation on this project and others files visit githube page link- Githube Link: https://github.com/user-saddam123/Codebasics-Resume-Project-Challenge-9

Challenge Objective

AtliQ Mart is a retail giant with over 50 supermarkets in the southern region of India. All their 50 stores ran a massive promotion during the Diwali 2023 and Sankranti 2024 (festive time in India) on their AtliQ branded products.

Now the sales director wants to understand which promotions did well and which did not so that they can make informed decisions for their next promotional period.

Promotion Overview

"AtliQ Mart conducted two major campaign promotions: the Diwali Campaign 2023 and the Sankranti Campaign 2024. During both campaigns, the following promotions were implemented:

25% off 33% off 50% off 500 cashback BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free)

About Dataset

For this project, I was provided with separate tables of data, namely dim_campaign, dim_product, dim_store, and fact_events.

Final MasterData I combined all of these tables into one, named 'masterdata,' for ease of use-

Gratitude I'm grateful to Codebasics for providing a platform for aspiring data analysts to work on real-time datasets and enhance their skills.

Check out my submission and let me know what you think!

Your feedback is highly plays a crucial role in my growth, so please feel free to share any suggestions.

Thank you for taking the time to view my project. I hope you enjoyed it.

Note;- I am Open to internship or entry level of data analytics or power bi developer role , so you have any opening which is based on my profile so please connect with me on LinkedIn and discuses your requirement.

Created and Analyzed by:

Saddam Ansari @Aspiring Data Analyst LinkedIn

Location: India


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