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Self-Paced Course

Thinking Like an Analyst

Crash course for aspiring analytics & BI professionals looking to build the foundation for a successful career.

Course Hours5 hours
Skills Learned
Data Prep
Data Analysis
Data Visualization
Course Level

Course Description

Thinking Like an Analyst is a crash course for aspiring BI professionals looking to build the foundation for a successful career in data.

You'll learn from Maven's top instructors as they guide you through proven frameworks and interactive case studies designed to help you think like a world-class analyst.

We'll introduce the analytics landscape and walk through each stage of the data analysis workflow, then introduce an interactive measurement planning exercise to help you learn how to define success and build frameworks for identifying, tracking, and optimizing KPIs.

Next we'll explore a series of data prep and analysis case studies, from cleaning, transforming and profiling raw data to writing actionable, data-driven insights and recommendations.

From there we'll dive deep into the world of data visualization, explore the science behind effective visual communication, review pro tips and best practices, and walk you through each step of our proven dashboard design process.

Last but not least, we'll break down the analytics tool landscape, introduce common "stacks" for different roles, and finally share some of our favorite resources and learning paths.

By the end of the course, you'll be able to employ the same tactics and techniques used by elite analysts, and feel confident applying them to your own career.




  • Aspiring data professionals seeking to build core, foundational BI skills
  • Analysts who want to strengthen their skills and learn proven frameworks & best practices
  • Anyone looking to develop strong analytical thinking skills and learn from a team of world-class instructors


  • This is an entry-level course (no prerequisites)
  • Some experience working with data is helpful, but not required

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