Unicorn Companies: Landscape and Trends

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Unicorn Companies: Landscape and Trends

About this project

  1. Time period: The data was provided in 2022 by Maven Analytics

  2. Target Audience: The project provides insights about Unicorn Companies to the public

  3. Data understanding and preparation

The data comprised each company's current valuation, funding, country of origin, industry, select investors, and the years they were founded and became unicorns. I cleaned and transformed the data to eliminate nulls, extract years from the date column, and extract the full list of investors from the different columns.

  1. Exploratory Analysis and Visualisation

I focused on the following questions when interrogating the data: a) How long does it take a company to become a unicorn? b) In the last ten years, when were a majority of the unicorns founded? c)In which industries are the unicorns with the highest valuations? d)Where in the world are the majority of the unicorn companies from?

My dashboard answers these questions and allows the user to interrogate the data further using the slicers on the left

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