PowerBi Dashboard for a Small Business Enterprise

PowerBi Dashboard for a Small Business Enterprise

About this project

My spouse runs a #smallbusiness with no proper structure, basically she has no proper record of invoices raised, nor kept records of any expenses incurred in running the #business. So in trying to put a structure in place for her business in this New Year, and also educate her on the importance of #datadrivendecisionmaking, i adopted the #dataanalysis process as follows;

ASK: - What is the business historical performance? - What are the business client and service types? - What is the total revenue generated by client and service type

PREPARE: Note she hasn't being keeping any proper record. So i had to search, collate and tabulate all the available invoices raised in the last 5 years. As for expenses record, there is no record kept.

PROCESS: I had to extract, load and transform #etl all the data into #powerquery, where the data is cleaned, transformed and loaded into my #datamodel.

ANALYZE: I analyzed the data in #powerbi using #daxfunctions to reveal hidden insights.

SHARE: I shared the dashboard/report with her, with visualizations showing different insights revealed in the data, and she was like 🤑, she never new she had generated this much revenue, despite not capturing all the invoices the business has raised.

ACT: Going forward, i advised her to act on the recommendations provided, and always ensure she leverage data driven decision making process.

I am interested in helping #smallbusinessowners in leveraging data analytics in their decision making process.

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