About this project

About the Data

The data is sourced from the Government of the District of Columbia, and provides information regarding payments to all vendors for goods and services provided to the District by Certified Business Enterprises (CBE) & non-CBEs. The District agencies are required to report this information to the Department of Small & Local Business Development (DSLBD) quarterly to ensure compliance with District procurement and local business development laws.

Project Objective

This project was intended to prepare a procurement spend analysis from the perspective of DSLBD, so as to have a general overview of the spend analysis of all the Agencies in the District of Columbia. As well as to understand the followings;

  • Count of Agencies under the District of Columbia

  • Count of Vendors providing goods and services to all the agencies

  • Total transactions carried out for the years under review.

  • Total invoices raised by the vendors for the years under review.

  • To determine the percentage of total spend accruing to CBEs & non-CBEs

  • And lastly carry out a spend analysis of the various agencies, as well as the invoice value raised by respective vendors.

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