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About this project

This interactive report was designed for the executive sales team of Northwind Traders, with the following objectives;

  • To under the sales trend, on yearly, quarterly and monthly basis.

  • To determine the top valuable customers.

  • To understand the products acceptance and performance in terms of quantity sold and orders processed.

  • Understanding how various product categories are doing in terms of sales volume and value.

  • To determine star performing sales representatives in terms of volume of orders processed and value of sales.

  • To have an understanding of the shipping cost and order lead time (OLT).

The business task essentially, is to show how to increase sales, optimize shipping cost and reduce order processing and delivery time. Hence, for this report the optimization of shipping cost and reduction of order processing and delivery time is prioritized.

From the analyzed data, it was discovered that priority was given to United Package shipping company, which was less efficient compared to the other two shipping companies (i.e Federal Shipping & Speedy Express) and this was costing the company money in relation to the value provided. Hence, it was therefore recommended that United Package shipping company should be de-emphasized and more shipping orders should be allocated to both Federal Shipping and Speedy Express, both of which have lower average cost and lower order lead time for processed order.

Doing this will save the company money and also impact positively on its profit margin.

Tools, used for analysis and report creation are, SQL for data cleaning and manipulation, DAX for creating measures and Power Bi for visualization.

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