LEGO Time Machine: 50 Years of Building Blocks

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LEGO Time Machine: 50 Years of Building Blocks

Lego Power BI Dashboard

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Lego Trends Analysis: As the bricks click together and the dashboard comes to life, let's summarize the key discoveries in our exploration of LEGO's past five decades. The Lego Trends Analysis Page shows at a glance all the important trends one could derive from the dataset in regards to set count, average prices per set, per piece and per minifigure.

Lego Product Analysis: This page takes the interactivity to the next level. Here, not only do we examine the correlation between average prices per set and number of average pieces, but we empower you to steer the exploration. Dive into the scatter plot and uncover hidden relationships and outliers, creating a truly interactive and engaging experience.

But that's not where the excitement ends. Imagine having the ability to choose specific themes, subthemes, or theme groups to explore at your fingertips. With a click, you can dive deeper into the Lego universe and check what story data is telling us. Want to narrow it down further? Dive into the realm of lego pieces bins, allowing you to pick and choose specific groups for a more granular exploration.

Feel the thrill as you play with the data, manipulating it to suit your curiosity. With the power of Power BI, interactive summaries come to life, providing instant insights as you navigate through categories, theme groups, themes, and subthemes. And that's not all – the ability to create bookmarks lets you capture and revisit your discoveries at any time, ensuring your Lego exploration is not just informative but also tailored to your preferences.

Lego Ranking Analysis: Here you can trace the evolution of categories and theme groups by set count and average price per set on this insightful page. The Deneb custom visual provides a clear visual representation of ranking changes over the passing decades, showcasing themes that ceased to exist or lost their attractiveness. Additionally, explore the themes that not only appeared but also became more popular, unraveling the dynamic shifts in Lego landscapes and illuminating the stories behind the rise and fall of theme groups.

Lego Sets View: Finally move along to the sets, check the most and the least expensive sets and have fun exploring.

The Deneb Visual Template Source: Kerry Kolosko https://kerrykolosko.com/portfolio/bump-chart/ Mario Image is AI created: Bild-Ersteller (bing.com)

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Discussion and feedback(6 comments)
Miroslav Mucalov
Miroslav Mucalov
20 days ago
Great work! Neat and structured. The Product Analysis page is indeed interactive.

Anna Viter
Anna Viter
19 days ago
Impressive visuals and analysis! Looking forward to live meetings to get to know more!

Samantha Martínez
19 days ago
Amazing work!! A perfect combination of great insights and creativity.
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