Playing With LEGO Sets Data

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Playing With LEGO Sets Data

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In this project, I am analyzing the LEGO Sets data from 1970 to 2022. The data includes information such as the LEGO Set Name, Release Year, Recommended Age, Theme, Sub-Theme, Category, Pieces, Minimum Figures, Minimum Age Recommended, and Price.

I have used Excel to clean the data and Power BI to visualize the data.

I have used DAX functions such as Distinct Count to count the total number of categories, Sub-themes, Theme Groups, and Themes.

I have added a new column to the data that classifies the age under and above 13 years of age.

Link to the dashboard


Through the project I have analyzed-

The highest-priced LEGO Set,

Relationship between the average number of pieces and age,

Year Wise Release of Themes,

Age-wise minimum figures,

Year-Wise pricing, and

Distribution of LEGO Sets age-wise.

My Insights:

  • There are 152 themes available.

  • The number of groups into which the themes are divided is 17.

  • The LEGO Sets are available under 7 categories.

  • The highest price of LEGO Sets is $850.

  • The highest number of pieces in the set is 12000.

  • The total number of themes was highest in the year 2015 at 38.

  • The average number of pieces provided in the LEGO Sets was highest for 16 years of age.

  • The LEGO Sets were highly priced at $850 in the years 2017 and 2012.

  • When analyzing the age-wise distribution of the LEGO Sets, more options were available to the <13 years age group which comprised almost 98.4%.

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