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The report consists of 2 pages: the first one is mainly about the company situation which includes revenue, market value, number of employees and price to sales which is added by me by dividing the market value over revenue to come up with the ratio of price to sales, which gives investors a good look on the company situation.

  • the first chart is a line chart which compares the rates of revenue vs the rates of emissions, and it shows high increasing in company's revenue vs high decreasing in emissions rates.

  • the market value and the number of employees is increasing over years which means that giving attention to environment will come up with benefits to the company eventually.

  • I also added some visual cards to give the audience a quick glimpse to the numbers of company over all

  • the seconded page i focused on emission rates according to the scopes and products

  • I mad a dynamic text box to explain every scope when you select it

  • I used the Green and Red color to give the contrast between good situation and bad one.

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