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Adventure Works Report

Adventure Works Report 2.0

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This project consisted to analyze data for a fictitious global manufacturing company called Adventure Works Cycles.

As starting point, I loaded into Power Query editor a raw file data folder which contained transactions orders, returns, products, categories, subcategories and customers as main tables in a CSV format


Once I loaded this dataset, the main steps that I followed was as shown:

  • Transform the raw data using Power Query.
  • Build a relational data model, using star and snowflake schemas with one to many relationships, identifying fact and lookup tables.
  • Create new calculated columns and DAX measures such as Iterators and aggregations, Time Intelligence formulas, Logical and Text functions.
  • Design an interactive layout to visualize the data.


  • What is total monthly revenue comparing against last month?
  • What is the best seller product measure by total orders?
  • What is the best profitable product?
  • What are the best categories and subcategories in terms of total orders?
  • Who are the highest valuable customers in terms of revenue and orders?
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