Power BI Insights on Penda Health Key Perfomance Indicators.

Tools used in this project
Power BI Insights on Penda Health Key Perfomance Indicators.

About this project


  • Display the Total Revenue from each branch of the hospital.
  • Display the most diagnosed illness realized by all the branches.
  • Gain new insights from the provided data.


  • One of the insights I realized from my analysis was the hospital recorded the most diagnosis in the month of June, which would make sense as it was the coldest time of the year therefore the staff would require to prepare measures that would help them be better prepared with the influx of diagnosis during that time of the year.
  • Realizing the most diagnosed illness would help the medical team be better prepared to re-stock on medicine and be better prepared for the future.
  • Cash was the most used method of payment for all the branches and having more information about the different Insurance companies would provide more insight as to better allocate the medical team on different areas that need improvement or boost performance and prevent under staffing for a particular department related to the payments sections. undefined
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