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Motor Vehicle Thefts in New Zealand

About this project

Motor Vehicle Theft Data Analysis Project: Insights and Overview

Goals of the Findings:

  • Identify Patterns: Uncover patterns and trends in motor vehicle theft in New Zealand.
  • Understand Vehicle Preferences: Determine the most stolen vehicle types and any variations over time.
  • Explore Regional Dynamics: Examine the correlation between population size, population density, and motor vehicle theft.

Project Overview:

  • Scope: Focused on motor vehicle theft in New Zealand, emphasizing patterns and correlations.
  • Timeline: Analyzed data from various dates, with a specific emphasis on the notable spike in April 2022.
  • Vehicle Types: Identified Station wagon as the primary target, followed by Salon.

Data Cleaning and Transformation Process:

  1. Data Collection: Gathered motor vehicle theft data from relevant sources.
  2. Cleaning: Removed outliers, addressed missing values, and standardized data formats.
  3. Transformation: Converted raw data into a usable format for analysis, created time-series datasets for trend analysis.


  1. Vehicle Theft Patterns:

    • Station wagon is the most stolen vehicle type.
    • April 2022 experiences a significant spike in thefts, with a gradual increase leading up to this month.
  2. Regional Analysis:

    • Auckland has the highest population.
    • Nelson, despite the highest population density, does not exhibit a proportional increase in stolen vehicles.
  3. Correlation Between Population and Theft:

    • Auckland, with the highest population, leads in the number of stolen vehicles.
    • Suggested a correlation between population size and motor vehicle theft.
  4. Temporal Trends:

    • April stands out as the most notorious month for motor vehicle theft.
  5. Vehicle Preferences:

    • Station wagon is the most sought-after vehicle type, followed by Salon.
  6. Population Density Irrelevance:

    • There was no apparent correlation between population density and motor vehicle theft as Nelson experienced a low average of motor vehicle theft.

Questions Asked and Answered:

  1. Which vehicle type is most frequently stolen?

    • Answer: Station wagon is the most stolen vehicle type followed by Salon.
  2. Is there a specific month with a notable increase in thefts?

    • Answer: Yes, we notice that April 2022 had the highest number of vehicles stolen within the year.
  3. Do regions with higher populations experience more thefts?

    • Answer: Yes, particularly in Auckland where it experienced the highest number of vehicle thefts.
  4. Is there a correlation between population density and theft rates?

    • Answer: No, as observed, Nelson had a high population density as compared to population but did not receive notable numbers of vehicle thefts.


  • Identified key patterns, temporal trends, and regional dynamics in motor vehicle theft.
  • Established a correlation between population size and theft rates.


  • April is a critical month for law enforcement and security measures.
  • Station wagon owners should be particularly vigilant.


  • Allocate additional resources for law enforcement in April.
  • Implement targeted awareness campaigns for Station wagon owners.
  • Consider region-specific security measures based on population size.

Real-World Application:

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