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HCAHPS Patients Survey

About this project

My goal of analyzing this dataset was to help stakeholders discover if hospitals the US have improved it quality of service given to patients over the period of 9 years.

The following insights were presented by the stakeholders:

★ Have hospital's HCAHPS score improve over the past 9 years.

★ Are there any specific areas where hospitals have make progress over than others

★ Are there any areas of opportunity remaining

★ What recommendation can you make to hospitals to help them further improve patients experience.

Key Insight:

★ hospitals top-box score have improve over the years, though there was a drop in 2022. And in 2023, though the year isn't over yet, the top-box is doing poorly few months to the end of the year.

★ for the past 9 years, hospital have make progress in different areas than others. These areas include - Support; Services.

★ Absolutely, there are few areas hospitals need to work on. This areas are providing quiet environment for patients.

★ I strongly recommend training staff on communication skills as this is the key areas needed of all staff.

★ Keeping in touch with outpatient is one thing that will the hospital stand out.

★ Sound proofing the hospital to ensure patients enjoy calm and quiet environment while being treated.

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