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The purpose of this project is to create that one dashboard which will assist a potential skier in choosing the perfect place for themselves. The Dataset consisted of two table, Resorts, which contained resort name, location, price, countries, continents, seasons(months), the various heights, the different types of slopes among others whilst the Snow table consisted of the locations, months and the percentage of snowfall each month.

Data Wrangling

  • I started of by double checking the data types for each column to make sure they are correct.
  • I realized some of the resort name were not right, some resort have long long names and seem to have been seperated. After a desktop search i combine those names that are suppose to be one instead of separated.
  • I also removed unwanted characters that were present in the resort names.
  • In the snow table, I transformed the percent column into actual percentages that was needed
  • for my visualization .


What i sort to create was a dashboard that can can a ski-er when picking the idea place to go to. To enhance their experience be it a Novice, Intermediate or an Expert , i provided various options for them to choose from. Options rand from child friendly resorts, summer- skiing, night skiing, snow parks, budget and country of choice. In the end user friendly dashboard was created which will completely help skiers

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