Bike Sales Analysis Dashboard using Excel

Bike Sales Analysis Dashboard using Excel

About this project


To achieve the goal of this project, I have completed several tasks.

βœ… Firstly, Understanding the provided dataset.

βœ… Then I performed data cleaning to remove any duplicates, spaces, and special characters, find and replace, and formatting.

βœ… Created custom columns (Age Brackets) to extract additional information from the dataset.

βœ… Created Pivot tables, Charts, and Graphs πŸ“Š to summarize the data and visually get quick information and make it easier to understand.

βœ… Finally, I built a dashboard in Excel with slicers, which allows users to interact with the data and view it in different ways.

Key insights :

βœ… The maximum average income of Males is $60,124. So, they purchased bikes more as compared to females who got 7% less average income than males.

βœ… People in the Middle Age group (31-54 years) purchased 4 times more bikes as compared to the Adolescent and Old age groups.

βœ… Customers tend to purchase bikes more for shorter commutes (0-1 miles) than longer commutes (10 miles +)

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