Exciting Pizza Sales Report Dashboard Revealed

Exciting Pizza Sales Report Dashboard Revealed

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Let me walk you through some highlights! Starting with the basics, I've segmented the sales by pizza category and size, presenting them as crisp Donut charts. Now, you can effortlessly see the popularity percentage of each category and size! Maybe it's time we give "Classic" and "Large" a special shoutout! Additionally, a bar graph showcases the total number of pizzas sold within each category. undefined

I've also delved into both the best and worst pizzas based on revenue, total quantity, and order number. We can now easily spot the golden sellers and brainstorm strategies to elevate the underperforming ones!

undefinedAnd let's not forget about the cherry on top! The dashboard also includes daily and monthly trends, allowing us to witness the sales rollercoaster throughout time. Brace yourselves, because deciphering the story behind total sales has never been this excitingundefinedundefined

Discussion and feedback(2 comments)
Eric Hartwig
Eric Hartwig
20 days ago
Really great job!

Claudia D
6 days ago
Excellent work and presentation, Mahmoud! Now I am hungry for pizza! :)