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Task 1: Project Understanding

  • Industry experts in the social media space to ensure we accurately understand Social Buzz’s sector.
  • IPO experts who will deliver on the IPO requirement
  • Data experts who will provide Big Data insights and content category analysis. This is where you sit!

The client has sent through:

  • 7 data sets - each data set contains different columns and values
  • A data model - this shows the relationships between all of the data sets, as well as any links that you can use to merge tables.

There is a lot of information here and it’s easy to get lost in the data. So, to make sure you are using the right data to answer the business questions you’ll follow these steps:

  1. Requirements gathering
  2. Data cleaning
  3. Data modelling

So, the first step is to use this data model to identify which datasets will be required to answer your business question - which is to to figure out the top 5 categories with the largest popularity.

To clarify why you made this selection:

  • The brief carefully it states that the client wanted to see “An analysis of their content categories showing the top 5 categories with the largest popularity”.
  • As explained in the data model, popularity is quantified by the “Score” given to each reaction type.
  • We therefore need data showing the content ID, category, content type, reaction type, and reaction score.
  • So, to figure out popularity, we’ll have to add up which content categories have the largest score.

1. Create a final data set by merging your three tables together

  • We recommend using the Reaction table as your base table, then first join the relevant columns from your Content data set, and then the Reaction Types data set.
  • Hint: You can use a “VLookUp” formula

2. Figure out the Top 5 performing categories

  • Add up the total scores for each category.
  • Hint: You can use the “Sum If” formula

We know that the client wants to understand the top 5 content categories. Have a think about what are the best ways to present this? In a pie chart? In a bar chart?

There are also some other interesting insights that we might want to share with them. For example:

  • How many unique categories are there?
  • How many reactions are there to the most popular category?
  • What was the month with the most posts?

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