PWC Switzerland Power Bi Project:- Diversity & Inclusion

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PWC Switzerland Power Bi Project:- Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

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Task 4:- Diversity & Inclusion (Gender balance in the executive suite)

Human Resources at our telecom client is highly into diversity and inclusion. They’ve been working hard to improve gender balance at the executive management level, but they’re not seeing any progress. They’re reaching out to us for help.

At PwC Switzerland we are often approached by clients seeking support with diversity and inclusion. Companies need a workforce of diverse talents and backgrounds to succeed in an increasingly complex and heterogeneous world. To us, diversity and inclusion are business imperatives, not just nice-to-haves. We aim for all of our teams to feel welcome and appreciated. But actually achieving this and unlocking its potential involves a whole set of practical challenges.

Calculating the following measures could help to define proper KPIs:

  • No. of men
  • No. of women
  • No. of leavers
  • % employees promoted (FY21)
  • % of women promoted
  • % of hires men
  • % of hires women
  • % turnover
  • Average performance rating: men
  • Average Performance rating: women

Your task is to do the following:

  1. Define relevant KPIs in hiring, promotion, performance, and turnover, and create a visualization.
  2. Write what you think some root causes of their slow progress might be.

To Access Customer Retention Report click on this link:- Diversity & Inclusion

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