PWC Switzerland Power Bi Project: Call Centre Trend

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PWC Switzerland Power Bi Project: Call Centre Trend

Call Centre Trends

About this project

Task 1:- Introduction

We aim to build innovative technology solutions that differentiate us from our competitors and digitize the business. Part of that included a strategic decision to invest in upskilling programs so our people could learn how to use digital tools for data visualization as well as automation, data cleansing, and more.

If our people could use these tools to solve common problems, they’d help us become more efficient and growth-oriented now and more innovative later in Business Services and beyond. Now, employees are learning to build bots – over 2,400 have been created so far – to automate workflows. We continue to invest to make processes more intuitive using machine learning, Power BI, and eventually artificial intelligence (AI). These are key to working faster and solving problems differently for ourselves and our clients.

This is why you're here! Our Digital Accelerator program is an internal change that takes groups of our employees out of their day jobs and puts them through pieces of training that teaches them skills in technology such as automation, machine learning, design thinking, and digital storytelling. Power BI is an important part of it as visualizing data helps to handle and understand clients.

So, become a Digital Accelerator yourself and start your Power BI journey with us!

Task 2:- Call Centre Trends (Visualising customer and agent behavior)

The digital revolution and our fast-changing world require a skills revolution. And it’s not just about the digital skills. The skills revolution is about helping people build their digital awareness, emotional intelligence, and creativity to fully participate in the digital future workplace — and it needs to start now.

At PwC, we are working with other organizations across the world, building on our work with clients and upskilling our 276,000 people. Still, more must be done if we are to ensure everyone has the opportunity to learn, work and participate in the digital world. This is at the heart of our purpose.

We are enabling employees who are motivated to further accelerate their skills to do so by offering them a “career pivot” to become what we call “Digital Accelerators”. Accelerators rapidly deepen their skills in digital specialties, such as data, automation, AI, and digital storytelling by learning a variety of self-service tools and coding languages and applying these skills across our business.

We're happy you joined us, welcome to the team! Giulia is your manager and helps you through your upskilling journey in PowerBI - your step to becoming a true data Jedi and Digital Accelerator. But wait no more, word spreads fast and an important client reached out to you to help him visualize their data.

Create a dashboard in Power BI for Claire that reflects all relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics in the dataset. Get creative!

Possible KPIs include (to get you started, but not limited to):

  • Overall customer satisfaction
  • Overall calls answered/abandoned
  • Calls by time
  • The average speed of answer
  • Agent’s performance quadrant -> average handle time (talk duration) vs calls answered

To Access Call Centre Trends Report click on this link:- Call Centre Report

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