PWC Switzerland Power Bi Project:- Customer Retention

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PWC Switzerland Power Bi Project:- Customer Retention

Customer Retention

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Task 3:- Customer Retention (Customer demographics and insights)

A few weeks after presenting your dashboard to the management, the Retention Manager from the telecom reaches out to you directly. He was impressed by your work and asked if you can put together a dashboard about customer retention.

In addition, to better understand the data, the telecom Retention Manager has scheduled a meeting with the engagement partner at PwC to cover these points:

  • Customers in the telecom industry are hard-earned: we don’t want to lose them
  • The retention department is here to get customers back in case of termination
  • Currently, we get in touch after they have terminated the contract, but this is reactionary: it would be better to know in advance who is at risk
  • We have done customer analysis with Excel: it has always ended in a dead-end
  • We would like to know more about our customers: visualized clearly so that it’s self-explanatory for our management

The Retentions Manager has provided some information, have a look through the resource section.

Your colleague, the engagement partner, asks you to do the following tasks:

  1. Define proper KPIs
  2. Create a dashboard for the retention manager reflecting the KPIs
  3. Write a short email to him (the engagement partner) explaining your findings, and include suggestions as to what needs to be changed

To Access Customer Retention Report click on this link:- Customer Retention

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