IPL Team Stats (EDA) - All Seasons (2008 - 2023)

Tools used in this project
IPL Team Stats (EDA) - All Seasons (2008 - 2023)

About this project

Explore the exhilarating journey of the Indian Premier League (IPL) across all seasons with comprehensive statistical insights on team performance, players awards and a few other interesting insights.

I love cricket and cricket stats, so this was a fun way to brush up on my coding and visualization skills and also have fun while doing it.

All the below visuals were created using the built-in matplotlib api in python. The table ranking heatmap was created using seabron.


The visuals are self-explanatory, so I have shown them one below the other without any description. If you you are unfamiliar with the shortened names, you can refer the above points table. For ex, GT is Gujarat Titans, CSK is Chennai Super Kings etc. Some knowledge of cricket and the IPL would be needed to interpret some of the visuals.



Some interesting observations are:

  • The most consistent teams have won the most titles (no surprises there)
  • Most captains decide to field (bowl) first
  • Chasing is the way to go (chasing teams have won more matches)
  • Wining the toss has no clear advantage (almost equal wins vs losses)
  • ABD was clearly the best batsman of the IPL (most MOMs)
  • And finally, no bowler in top 10 MOM awards (are MOM awards biased towards batsmen?)
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