Top 6 Indian IT Stocks Analysis - Jan 2020 to Dec 2023

Tools used in this project
Top 6 Indian IT Stocks Analysis - Jan 2020 to Dec 2023

About this project

Dashboard link: https://replit.com/@navseq/ITStocksAnalysis

This portfolio project involves the creation of a dynamic dashboard using Dash, Plotly Express, and Pandas to analyze the performance of the top 6 Indian IT stocks from January 2020 (pre-covid) to December 2023. The interactive dashboard provides users with the ability to select a specific stock from a dropdown menu, visualizing both raw and normalized stock prices through line charts.



  1. Data Loading:

    • Utilizes the Pandas library to read time-series data of Indian IT stocks from a CSV file.
    • Converts the 'Date' column to a datetime format and sets it as the index for time-based analysis.
  2. Dashboard Layout:

    • Employs Dash to initialize a web application and defines the layout with an H1 header, a dropdown for stock selection, and two line charts for stock price visualization.
  3. Dropdown Selection:

    • Integrates a Dash Dropdown component allowing users to choose a specific IT stock for analysis.
  4. Interactive Line Charts:

    • Displays the historical stock prices of the selected stock in one chart.
    • Provides a second chart illustrating the normalized performance of all six IT stocks over time, starting from January 2020.

How to Use:

  1. Go to https://replit.com/@navseq/ITStocksAnalysis
  2. Explore the performance of the top 6 Indian IT stocks by selecting a stock from the dropdown menu.
  3. Analyze historical and normalized stock prices through interactive line charts.

This project serves as an informative and interactive tool for users interested in gaining insights into the historical performance of Indian IT stocks during a crucial period in the global financial landscape.

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