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Pizza Places Sales

Pizza Place Sales

About this project

An analysis of a pizza store with 48.62K customers and 817.86K revenue from January - December 2015.

The aim of this documentation is to determine how many bestselling pizza are available, quantity ordered, peak hours, seasonality in sales, and if there is any pizza that should be taken off the menu.

Business Case:

  1. How many customers do we have each day? Are they any peak hours?

  2. How many pizzas are typically in an order? Do we have any bestsellers?

  3. How much did we make this year? Can we identify any seasonality in the sales?

  4. Are they any pizza we should take off the menu? or any promotions we can leverage?

Key Insight:

  1. From the first quarter through the third quarter, Fridays have been the day with the highest number of customers. At least 2.01k customers places order for at least one pizza per hour. While the fourth quarter saw a shift from Fridays to Thursdays.

  2. Fridays of first, second and third quarter at least 2.13k pizza were typically in an order. However, in the fourth quarter, 2.23k pizza were typically in an order on Thursdays. On the other hand, The Barbecue Chicken Pizza have been the best selling pizza for the first and second quarter. While The Thai Chicken Pizza was the best selling pizza for the third and fourth quarter.

  3. The pizza place sales made 817.86K. From the analysis, there is no seasonality in the sale of pizza as the sale doesn't occur in the same interval throughout the year. Rather the sale of pizza is cyclical because it can't be predicted.

  4. Xlarge and XXlarge size of all pizza category should be taken off the menu immediately. These pizza sizes have persistent downturn throughout the year as customers prefer to order for either large, medium or small pizza sizes which can be easily consumable.


Management should focus on producing large, medium and small pizza sizes. Embark on promotion during the months of February, September, October, and December.

Actions to consider

Give out discount to customers. Organize flash sales on weekends to attract and entice customers to make quick purchasing decision.

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