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Airline Performance Report

Airline Performance Report

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I was hired by the CEO of an airline to carry out an analysis of flight performance from 2014 - 2015.

The management team presented eight cases to help them know their position in the airline industry.

Case 1: I. How many flights use the A319 aircraft? II. What is the most common type of aircraft across all flights? III. What is the maximum average ticket price for flights on the A320 aircraft?

Case 2: I. What's the fuel cost per mile in Dollars II. Show the total revenue per flight, assuming a 10% tax on all fare.

Case 3: Which routes is the company losing money.

Case 4: Which routes is more profitable to the company.

Case 5: How many flights are flown from O'Hare (ORD) to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)?

Case 6: Which routes account for the lowest percentage of revenue

Case 7: Which June is suitable to travel to Fort Lauderdale (FLL)?

Case 8: What is the number of flights per month on the ORD-PHL route.

Key Findings:


The total amount of revenue generated from the three different types of aircraft is $ 842,932,548 with a total of 9,636 flights to 24 locations in the United States.

Profitable Routes:

Flights from ORD - LAX account as the most profitable route with $46,489,870 in revenue which is 9.63% and a total of 699 flight. From ORD - SFO generated $42,408,825 which is 8.78% and a total of 604 flights. While flight from ORD - DEN is $34,949,700 which is 7.24% and a total of 614 flight.

Non-profit Routes:

One of the three worst performing routes is ORD - SCL. this route generate only $1,968,984 which is 0.41% with a total of 36 flights. ORD - BWI is among the worst route. flight going to this route only generate $4,633,152 which is 0.96 with a total of 104 flights. Lastly, we have ORD - IAD. this destination generate $4,837,140 which is 1% and a sum total of 88 flights.


From the analysis it is is paramount to discontinue flight from ORD to SLC as this route generate only 0.41% of revenue to the company.

Since the month of June is the best month to travel to PHL due to events and activities, I recommend a little increase in ticket price as this will help to balance the lost made from flight to SLC.

Giving discount to students with ID and kids under 5 years during summer and festive season will help in attracting passengers and in turn generate revenue to the company.

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