McDonald's Joker Edition (Winner)

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McDonald's Joker Edition (Winner)


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# Why so serious? - Welcome to the McMillion$ 🃏 Joker Edition! 🃏 joker

Game Rules - The board indicates the Top 22 US States with the most McDonald's restaurants - If you are serious about playing, roll the dice, and let's begin!

This entry was the winning entry in Onyx Data's September 2021 Viz challenge,

Challenge link: https://onyxdata.co.uk/dataset_challenge/september-2021/

The Objective

The challenge was analyzing Fast Food Restaurant data in the USA.

The list is of 10,000 fast-food restaurants provided by Datafiniti’s Business Database. The dataset includes each restaurant's addresses, cities, latitudes, longitude coordinates, names, and more.

The Plot

While scrutinizing the dataset and adding the info to a table chart, I was trying to see the hand I got dealt. It was evident that the MacDonald's Food franchise dominated almost every category, and the light-bulb moment happened.

A few months prior, I watched a documentary named #McMillion$!


It's a detailed account of the McDonald's Monopoly game scam during the 1990s as told by the participants in the case, including the prizewinners and the FBI agents involved.

Added the link if you have not watched this crazy true story https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9148598/

Anyway, this is where the McMillion$ 🃏 Joker Edition 🃏 was born.


The Design

I elected to focus on the MacDonald food restaurant data and visualize it in the Monopoly board game. The 22 top US States are displayed, and it is interactive. I added a few Joker cards for fun. joker

The Visuals

The US heat map– Showcases the highest to the lowest states in a heat map format. map 5 KPI cards focusing on: Number of MacDonald food restaurant outlets Number of cities MacDonald food restaurants are in Number of US states MacDonald food restaurants are in The average number of MacDonald outlets per city The average number of outlets per state kpi An Infographic visual indicting the top 5 cities with the most MacDonald outlets. info Enjoy the Interactive report below. 🃏

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