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The Report

About this project

The following was a submission for the Make Over Monday challenge - Wk 39 2019 which utilized data associated with evictions in the San Francisco Bay area.

The original visualtisation (Whats Good vs Whats Not):

The use of a line chart is useful to see the trend of eviction over time however this particular chart is somewhat busy which makes it difficult to easily see insights from it. The aggregation of the 'Other' Category results in meaningful insights being buried in mess of lines near the bottom of the chart and it takes visual focus from the reader. In this case the adage 'less is more' is probably appropriate to ensure the reader can surmise insight from the chart.


The Make Over:

I wanted to try and keep this to one visualisation but found that this was not achievable with just one chart. Hence I created the following report page which comprises of the the following;

  1. Ribbon Chart: This shows the trend of evictions over time as well as how the reasons for eviction changed over time. I focused on only the top 2 reasons 'Owner Move In' (Orange) and 'Breach' (Black) and grayed out the rest. The reason for this was that they accounted for the top reason in 1997 (Owner Move In) and 2019 (Breach) respectively.
  2. Horizontal Bar Charts: Used for both the reasons given for the eviction as well as a count of eviction by neighborhood. In both cases I use conditional formatting to ID those categories that account for 80% of the evictions (in Black).
  3. Heat Map: Simple heat map to show geo-spatially what neighborhoods were impacted by reason and over time (additionally I use the neighborhood horizontal chart to be able to ID the same on the Map ​

The Analysis:

'Breach' is the number one reason for people being evicted in 2019 to date and has been the number on reason since 2007. What is interesting is that the Lakeshore area seems to have a highest number of these types of evictions and proportionally a disproportional amount. At this stage a better understanding on what 'Breach' means and when it can be used to evict tenants needs to be understood. I would have assumed that 'Non Payment', 'Roommate Same Unit', 'Nuisance' are all conditions for breach of contract so we would need to better understand how the data has been categorised as 'Breach' before additional insights can be derived.


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