Maven Toys Dashboard (Guided Project)

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Maven Toys Dashboard (Guided Project)

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The COO of Maven Toys has a monthly call with the regional sales managers, but they each present the data in different ways, which is impossible to follow. So, he request to build a dashboard to filter by region in the US, track monthly revenues, gain and losses by products and compare year over year (YoY).


This dataset contained a total of 4794 records, from January 2020 to July 2021, divided as shown:

  • Dimensions: Year, Month, Store Type, Region, Product Name, Product Category.
  • Measures: Units Sold, Revenue, Profit


  • What is the monthly revenue trend?
  • What is the revenue by store?
  • What is the MoM variation by store?
  • Which are the Best and Worst sellers products by Revenue?
  • How was the total revenue variation versus Last Month and Last Year?

Excel Concepts Covered:

  • Top N Formulas
  • Previous period calculations
  • Automatic Sorting
  • Conditional Formatting
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