Maven Careers Dashboard (Guided Project)

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Maven Careers Dashboard (Guided Project)

About this project

This project consisted about to analyze a dataset with US labor statistics by industry & state, from 2017 to 2020, with 1918 records.

The first step that I followed was categorize between dimensions and measures in the dataset as shown:

  • Dimensions: Year, Industry, State
  • Measures: Establishments, Employees, Avg Annual Wage

As a second step, understand what are the customer needs? Designing the right questions:

  • What is the average annual wage by industry?
  • Which are the wage & employee trends by industry?
  • What is the share of total employees?

The third step was build a data prep tab in the workbook, which would contain all the calculations, filters and lookup tables, convering the following list of Excel concepts in order to build visualizations that accomplish the objective:

  • Statistical & Lookup Formulas: AVERAGEIFS, SUMIFS, XLOOKUP, INDEX.
  • Inserting & Formatting Custom Charts: MAP, LINE, BAR AND DONUT CHARTS.
  • Dynamically Highlighting Series
  • Creating New Data with Data Types
  • Adding Form Controls
  • Protecting Workbooks & Worksheets
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