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For the Maven Northwind Challenge, you'll be working as a BI Developer for Northwind Traders, a global import and export company that specializes in supplying high-quality gourmet food products to restaurants, cafes, and specialty food retailers around the world.

As part of your role, you've been tasked with building a top-level KPI dashboard for the executive team. Its purpose should be to allow them to quickly understand the company's performance in key areas, including:

Sales trends

Product performance

Key customers

Shipping costs



The total amount of revenue: $1.35M. The total cost of shipping: $64.94K. There are 830 unique orders.

The United Package Shipping Company generated the highest amount of revenue compared to other shipping companies: $572.33K.

2014 has the highest amount of products sold compared to 2013 and 2015: $25K.

The highest revenue in monthly distribution was generated in April 2014: $134K. The lowest revenue in monthly distribution was generated in May 2015: $18K.


Total number of products: 51K.

The highest revenue was generated by the category Beverages: $286K, and the lowest revenue was generated by the category Grains & Cereals: $100K.

Beverages has the most amount of product numbers sold: 9532, and the least amount of product numbers sold belong to the Produce category: 2990.

The highest quantity was sold in April 2014: 4.7K, and the lowest quantity was sold in May 2015: 0.9K.

Top 5 products earned the highest revenue compared to other products: Cote de Blaye, Thüringer Rostbratwurst, Raclette Courdavault, Camembert Pierrot, Tarte au sucre.

The highest quantity is sold from these top 5 products: Camembert Pierrot, Raclette Courdavault, Gorgonzola Telino, Gnocchi di nonna Alice, Pavlova.


There are 91 customers from 21 different countries. USA has the highest number of customers: 13.

The highest revenue is generated by the USA: $263K and the lowest revenue is generated by Poland: $3K.

The most products were sold in the USA: 9330, and the less amount of products were sold in Norway: 161.

Top 5 countries with the most number of orders: Germany, USA, Brazil, France, UK.

Top 5 customers who has spent the most amount of money: Horst Kloss, Jose Pavarotti, Roland Mendel, Patricia McKenna, Paula Wilson.


The highest amount of shipping cost is for the USA: $13K.

United Package is the shipping company with the highest shipping cost: $28.24K.

Most the the orders were delivered by United Package: 326.

The shipping cost was the highest in April 2014: $6K.

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