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NYC Accidents 2020

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Major Insights on Motor vehicle collisions reported by the New York City Police Department from January – August 2020:

· Friday experiences the highest number of collisions, with a staggering total of 12,271 incidents, while Sunday has the lowest number of recorded collisions, with only 9,003 occurrences.

·The frequency of collisions follows a gradual upward trend until Wednesday, where it then sharply increases, reaching its peak on Friday. Subsequently, there is a gradual decline in collisions until Sunday, which records the lowest number of incidents.

·The peak frequency of collisions is observed between 8 am and 7 pm, with a steady decline in occurrences after 4 pm. Conversely, the least number of collisions is recorded during the early morning hours.

·The Contributing Factor Vehicle-1) for approx. 26% of the accidents is Driver Inattention or Distraction. The second highest contributing factor is Following too Closely (approx.7%) followed by Failure to Yield Right-of-Way (6%).

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